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Harness the power of a proactively managed network while uncovering hidden employee downtime.

As a business owner, you need to keep your network running smoothly, reduce IT security risk and improve employee productivity all while avoiding catastrophic downtime. RBS Managed Services also understands the business operations in today’s risk adverse world include other more pervasive forms of downtime that aren’t always as apparent as a catastrophic downtime event.

So, seeing as we’re all currently practicing social distancing, we thought this would be an awesome opportunity to deliver some actionable information you all can take back to the office and start reducing that downtime!

Please join RBS Managed Services on May 7th, 2020 for this exclusive webinar on proactively managing your company’s network.

  • Downtime = loss time = Negative impact to bottom $$ line
  • Downtime has become the #1 expense in IT.
  • Research has shown that an average hourly rate for downtime is approximately $2,000/hour.

The real cost is many times more expensive than the service call cost once you factor in the loss of employee productivity and the inability to meet or fulfill your customers’ requirements.

Proactive solutions for your mission critical network

Learn how the most successful businesses attain secure, reliable, and cost-effective computing networks without expending their entire IT support budget:

  • Minimize downtime and the related costs of on-site emergency support calls
  • Maximize uptime
  • Manage risk and improve efficiencies, especially IT security risks
  • Gain optimal managed IT services at a lower cost

With our support offerings, our clients receive Fortune 500 quality support at an ‘Island’ price point.

Next session: June 16th 2020 @ 2pm