Virtual IT Department

Our Virtual IT Department is as real as they come.  You need a team of professionals who know how to manage and maintain your environment, but you don’t need them all the time and having an “hourly” guy come by when things are broken means expensive downtime, until they can schedule you in, or pay their emergency rate.

Instead of the expense of in-house IT, or the worry of that hourly guy even showing up, let RBS Managed IT Services provide you with an on-demand Virtual IT Department that monitors and maintains your environment just like an internal IT department, is always available when you need it, but at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits over hourly services

Your friendly hourly IT guy needs to have a lot of clients in order to ensure he’s got enough work, or even worse, he needs your environment to have lots of problems, so he can bill a few more hours.  With our Virtual IT Department, our fees are fixed, so if there happens to be a lot of problems, the risk is on our shoulders, not yours.  This also ensures that we keep your environment in top shape, fully updated and protected, because a little bit of maintenance and a proactive approach on our behalf will mean less downtime for you.

Benefits over Internal Staff

Your internal IT guy needs to make sure he’s seen as valuable, and he also wants to keep his own skills relevant, in case he wants to leave.  He’s always looking for the next project to implement, or sometimes to make sure you keep that old, fussy, always breaking system in place, so he can keep being the hero and rescuing you.  Besides, he’s going to make sure he’s indispensable to you and your team, even if you don’t have the need for full-time work, he’ll make sure it looks like it.

A good IT department makes sure your systems are secure, running smoothly, and offer your business the best return on your investment.  Can your IT guy provide all that?  What about coverage when they need training, vacation, sick days, and ongoing knowledge tracking and future knowledge transfer?  With our Virtual IT Department, these all become our responsibility.  We keep our staff trained, ensure there’s coverage for vacation and sick days, and we track everything we do in your environment with our ITIL-based ticket management system.